Graduate Research

The Meru University of Science and Technology is committed to knowledge generation and technological innovations through excellence in graduate studies and research by enhancing training of self-reliant, globally visible and competitive graduates of international repute who will be able to offer undisputed leadership and undertake responsibility roles anywhere in the world.

This is achieved through delivery of graduate programmes that have been developed by renowned scholars aimed at producing postgraduates who have stood out wherever they are serving and this is a reflection of our commitment to offering quality training and reliability in meeting the global industrial and scholarly expectations.

There are over 78 masters, 46 PhD and 2 postgraduate diploma programmes offered at the Meru University of Science and Technology.

The postgraduate students of MUST are academically and research oriented and have participated largely in projects that have largely contributed to improved household livelihoods and food security in the Meru County and nationally. This is an indication of the commitment of the University to pass the knowledge and innovations to the relevant stakeholder as a way of giving back to the community.

Among the outstanding projects conducted in collaboration with the graduate students include;