Meru university of Science Technology has a dedicated innovation and entrepreneurship center that provides all services pertaining research, innovation and commercialization. Research is the anchor that has from time to time produced wonderful innovations. After research results in an innovation, the process of protecting the idea starting with a temporary protection as further research is done to ensure that the product developed is of superior quality. Product development then ensues which is developed concurrently with the business model. The business model provides an avenue of understanding the development circle of the product and how it will be up scaled.

At the stage of product development, product development depends on internal or external grants won. The university through the Technology Transfer office (TTO) and Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) helps in ensuring that the product is protected, piloted and any other improvements are done before a process of getting investors begins. Suffice to say, there is a committee MUST Institutional Research Ethics Review Committee (MIRERC) that ensures all research work is ethically reviewed. This step reduces ethical conflicts that often arise from the handling products. Then the TTO office through networking seeks funds for the best innovations.

The Meru University Incubation center located at the innovation center not only caters for innovations from within the University but also those from outside. The incubation center provides a platform where products are refined to meet customer specific needs. The Incubation center has also partnered with National Research Fund to incubate some innovations even as they transition to the market. Some of the innovations that have been incubated at the MUST incubation center include;