Research Ethics

NACOSTI is a state corporation established by the ST&I Act, no 28 of 2013 to regulate and assure quality in Science, Technology and Innovation Sector and advises the Government in matters related thereto.

As part of quality assurance of research, Institutional Ethics Review Committees (IERCs) are expected to review research proposals for ethical clearance before the same are submitted to NACOSTI for issuance of a license. IERCs are accredited by NACOSTI. One of the requirements for accreditation of IERCs is that the members of the committee should have basic training in research ethics. IERC members are also expected to be up to date with the rapid advances in bioethics.

In view of the above, NACOSTI has mandated MUST to carry out ethical review under its committee known as MIRERC.

The university MIRERC Members include:

  1. Eric Muchiri  -Chairman
  2. Frank Onyambu    -Member
  3. Florence Thiakunu   -Member
  4. Apophie Kalicondo -Member
  5. Ruth Gibendi -Member
  6. Samson Munialo -Member
  7. Sharon Koskei -Member
  8. Dr. Elias Kinoti  -Member
  9. Patrick Kubai   -Member
  10. Amos Chege -Member
  11. George Njeru -Member
  12. Kubaison Thiaine  -Member
  13. Beatrice Owiti -Member
  14. Festus K. Mitheu   -Member (Lay person)