Smart Home Automation Kit

Electrical power and water conservation, security of property against theft, fire, or damage due mishandling are some of key concerns of any property owner. Luckily, technology is being sought to take care of most of the above concerns.

A team of technologists from Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) has developed a home automation kit dubbed “Smart home” capable of monitoring the status of appliances installed in either residential or business premises and remotely notify the owner when something is wrong through his/her phone for instance, when LPG gas is leaking or an intrusion has been detected. One can also control devices in the premises remotely through the phone – you can switch on/off your TV set, bulbs, turn on the fridge, unlock the gate for the visitor to enter or pump water to the top tank at your roof from the comfort of your sofa set. The connection between your phone and the system control unit is made through Bluetooth signal (for short range communication) or sms (for long range communication). In case you left the house hurriedly with either the water tap running or the iron box still switched on, the system will send you an alert sms messages immediately you attempt to lock the door on your way out and prompt you to switch off the electrical outlet connected to the iron box or turn off the water tap through your phone. A CCTV system is also integrated to the system so that the owner can remotely access his/her premises the moment a distress message is received such as an intrusion in the compound. The system can send distress messages to multiple recipients such as members of your “Nyumba Kumi” vigilante group, security firm, police, or any other concerned party.

The system is in prototype form and has been tested and exhibited in a number of forums. We are looking for an investor to partner with us so that we can raise the required capital to facilitate production of the kits in mass in order to cut per unit cost and make the product accessible to the common man. We are also looking for clients who need custom made products tailored to their specifications. We are currently developing medical kits for self-health monitoring to be incorporated into the system. These kits will be taking daily tests of body parameters such as BMI, Blood Pressure, body temperature, blood sugar levels, malaria and cancer tests. The sensor being designed will operate non-invasively (in vivo) fashion. The tests will be regularly transmitted to the user phone which will interpret them to the user and log them into the database so that a progressive tend of the user wellness available. Upon visiting a medic, he/she can access the results to aid in making a more accurate diagnosis than just relying on a one-off test at the time the patient goes to the health facility.